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Demo also available on Oculus and SteamVR



Unblocking is a casual VR game based on dragging piece blocks. Players needs to use those piece blocks to remove the blocks displayed on boards (unblock) to score and get the highest score possible (king).  
The game presents 3 game modes: Puzzle, Relax and Arcade.


When can we get the full game?

The release date is still to be defined but you can expect it to be in 2022.

How many levels exist on Puzzle mode?

The Demo contains 6 levels and we expect to have around 40 levels on the final release.

Is there any leaderboards in the game?

The final final version of the game will have leaderboards for the Relax and Arcade modes.

Why can’t I find Relax mode in the Demo?

The Relax mode is a chill version of the Arcade mode that uses a single color and its only available on the final release. It works as a bridge between Puzzle and Arcade modes.

Do you support multiplayer?

Multiplayer is not yet supported but it’s planned for a future update.